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GPS is a Japan based project services consultancy, established to provide services for International Energy and Industrial projects.

We are based in Japan as some of worlds leading FEED and EPC Contractor’s are based here, being Chiyoda, JGC, Toyo. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. If your project is going to be Contracted out of Japan we are here on the ground and ready to go.


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We like to refer to project services, as project navigation, the same as Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Flight Captains need a dash board (critical instruments) to asses plan, decide and address areas of concerns in real time. All instruments are connected to systems so this is where we fit in, to estimate and integrate data (current and historic) from systems to provide accurate assessments for your current and future projects including claim supporting documentation.

We integrate your systems to provide effective project services to control interfaces to align with your projects.

Flying requires the same key elements to Navigate your way around the hazards:

  • Burn rate (Estimate, Actual and forecast)
  • Current position and Direction (Decisions)
  • Weather (Risks)
  • ETA (Estimate & Schedule)

All projects have their own specific challenges, hence each project’s estimates, assessments and reporting varies dependent on location and complexity. We have experience with minor to large $US Multi billion international projects.

Next Steps...

Please feel free to contact us we will provide our initial assessment of where we can add value to your project at no charge.