Resourcing - Let’s build the A-Team together!

We have a network of Specialists that have been involved in many of the Worlds Largest Projects that we can we draw from.

These specialist are known to us, we have worked with them!

It is important to us to provide a quality product, as opposed to simply providing people for a fee.

In line with the requirements and locations we will agree the team with you, composed of the right skill levels to be cost effective, including integrating your personnel.


Training – Time for a real Qualification in Cost Engineering!


We promote training of your and our personal assigned to the team, to add skill and accreditation to their Career paths.

Our Founder is an accredited member of (RICS) Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, hence we promote the structured training program to get team members qualified. May they be experienced or still learning. There various routes options to obtain this desired qualification, please refer the link for what it means to be RICS Qualified.

All it takes is for the candidate to inspire to get the qualification, a willingness to embrace the RICS Ethics and rules of conduct and hard work. GPS will provide the on the job training, monitor and to propose that the candidate sits through an interview in line with RICS path ways.

Next Steps...

Please feel free to contact us we will provide our initial assessment of where we can add value to your project at no charge.