Software systems are important but however they can be expensive, with long role out times. Also new systems could maybe not interface with other software.

You could end up down-loaded from system, manually manipulating, coding and uploaded into another system to produce a report.

Let’s work together to see what is needed – You/ We May already have

(Long or Short Term)

We can partner up with various software providers for required systems or alternative use the specific software an intended period. For instance it maybe only required as a once off on the project, let’s say for Conceptual Estimate when there is very little definition available.

Over view of some of these systems are:

Estimating and planning

Questor – Used for Concept & Feasibility

Aspen Capital Cost Estimator – Used through the project life cycle, uses data from other Aspen Tools.

Cleopatra Enterprise – Used through the project life cycle

Crystal ball/ Monte Carlo – Used for risk analysis

vPrimavera P6

Integration - Estimating, Accounting, Planning, Supply Chain Control and Reporting

Clients have various software, for Supply Chain, Accounting, Estimating, Planning, however to produce accurate quickly, get us involved early to set out the project Codes WBS/ CBS to your Chart of accounts as a 1st step. Depending on the size of the project, we may need Integration software so that data can be transferred in real time. Below is an example of such software:

Maxivera Pipeline

Plug-and-Play Solution

Maxavera® iPacks represent the accumulated experience gained through the delivery of integrated planning and scheduling solutions around the world. Using Maxavera®, you simply choose an iPack, select install, and within minutes you will have a robust integration solution that could take many months, or even years, of expensive trial-and-error development using other integration platforms.

Once installed Maxavera® iPacks can be easily configured and customized so you can quickly "fine tune" your solution to meet your exact business requirements.

iPack Applications Library

Primavera - Primavera Integrated

Project Controls

Primavera - Microsoft Project Integrated

Planning & Scheduling

Primavera - Microsoft Excel Integrated

Planning & Scheduling

Primavera - Microsoft ProjectIntegrated

Planning & Scheduling

Maximo↔Primavera integrated planning &


Primavera - Ventyx eSOMS Integration

Primavera - Ventyx Passport (Indus Passport) I


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Next Steps...

Please feel free to contact us we will provide our initial assessment of where we can add value to your project at no charge.